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Debt recovery

At Butterworths Solicitors we are very much aware of the importance to any business of a good cashflow position. We take it very seriously therefore when a client of ours is not paid for goods or services that they have supplied.

We have designed a solution that we offer to our clients that are in this position. That solution is our “Heavy Duty” Debt Recovery service.

“Heavy Duty” – our Debt Recovery service

There are already a host of cheap Debt Recovery services available in the market place. These are cheap because they are automated systems that churn letters out.

Our “Heavy Duty” service is neither automated, nor cheap.

On the contrary. Our service is tailored, bespoke, focused – and, led as it by the senior lawyers in our Litigation Team rather than by a junior clerk, it is driven and it comes at a cost. It is not therefore suitable for every debt, but it is absolutely essential where you have a large debt that you are worried about.

Where you are at risk of losing a large sum of money, then the swift and unrelenting involvement of our Debt Recovery Team using their “Heavy Duty” service will afford you the best opportunity of reducing the loss you incur. It could be money very well spent.

How we work

As soon as you contact us, we will take full details about the debt, what it relates to, the debtor, and the goods or services involved. We will examine all documents that you have relating to the supply and to the debt. Working fast, we will explore your trading history with the debtor and we will endeavour to gather full details about the debtor, its legal constitution, and its owners.

We will quickly be in a position to “launch” our Debt Recovery action – with more than an automated letter. The debtor will quickly realise that they need to take your demand for payment seriously.

In our experience, if a company is not paying you they are almost certainly not paying other suppliers either. It is our aim to get you paid ahead of those other suppliers. Automated letters do not achieve this. We achieve it by way of a very aggressive approach that the debtor ignores at their peril.

Unlike that of some of our competitors, our first instinct is not to resort to “routine” County Court actions. Debtors know how to play these and how to use them to actually gain more time to pay.

Instead, wherever possible, we use insolvency proceedings. For an individual or a partnership this involves the threat of bankruptcy action, and where the debtor is a limited company this involves the threat of a winding up petition.

On top of using these “heavyweight” tools, we ensure that maximum pressure is brought to bear on the debtors by making sure we act as soon as any time limits have passed – the debtors really will know that you mean business and that you are not going to go away.

How does it work?

The first stage in taking action on your behalf is the preparation by us of what is called a Statutory Demand, and then the service of that Statutory Demand on the debtor.

As the Statutory Demand is the first step in any Bankruptcy or Winding-up proceedings, it will be clear to the Debtor from the moment of service of that document on them that you mean business, and that they would do well to put your debt to the front of their payment queue.

The real “teeth” behind the Statutory Demand are the Bankruptcy or Winding-up proceedings themselves, but in our experience the Statutory Demand often has the desired effect and things rarely get to the need for formal proceedings.

Our “Heavy Duty” service – what do we charge?

Our charges for the preparation and service of a Statutory Demand are as follows :

  • Letter of demand enclosing a detailed Statutory Demand tailored to your case: £350 + VAT
  • Personal service of legal documents (optional): £130 + VAT

All we need

If you have a debt that warrants this action, all we require to start action are your contact details, and details of the unpaid debt and the debtor. We will then talk with you straight away and will get to work on your behalf.

Don’t delay – it could cost you a lot of money to sit and wait. For all you know, other debtors are taking action to get themselves paid ahead of you.

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