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Service Pledge

We will:

  • Ask you how you want our services to be provided, so we can tailor them to you
  • Work hard to cater for any special needs that you have
  • Be transparent on costs – you will get no surprises
  • Give you an overview of your case at the start
  • Make sure, wherever possible, that the same person deals with your case throughout
  • Make sure that our staff holidays do not delay your case
  • Put you through to your lawyer when you ring us, if they are available
  • Always ring you when we say we are going to ring you
  • Tell you if we can’t call back that day and will call first thing the next working day
  • Talk with you instead of always sending you long emails or letters
  • Use plain English instead of legal jargon
  • Acknowledge receipt of everything you send to us
  • Update you regularly - even if it is just by a quick call or email
  • Work hard to avoid any delays in your case
  • Take any concerns or complaints that you have seriously and act on them immediately